April Is Financial Literacy Month!

Money$mart Financial Literacy

We believe there is nothing that can prepare students for their futures better than financial literacy. Our Money$mart Financial Literacy Program is providing a way to help teach good money skills to local students. Just as we teach our children to read and write so they fine tune their literacy skills - Our Money$mart program helps teach financial life lessons that provide the opportunity to learn how to effectively and comfortably manage money. Our hope is to provide a platform where students can learn the financial skills necessary to be successful whether they are headed to college or headed to the workforce.

Partnering with EverFi, we have grown from seven area schools during 2013/2014 to nine schools in 2015/2016. We have just shy of 800 students participating in the web based program. Throughout the financial literacy modules students are learning about a multitude of financial topics; (credit scores, insurance, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, taxes and more). To further meet the needs of our teachers we have also provided three of our schools with the Entrepreneurial Explore program, Venture. This program uses case studies, interactive business simulations and personal development activities to teach important basic business skills. 

We are excited to be wrapping up our third year of financial literacy in our area schools! We are even more excited to have so many students getting Money$mart certified!

Branch Locations

Red Bay:

Community Spirit Bank
200 4th Avenue SW
Red Bay, AL 35 582
(256) 356-4445

ATM Location:

Inside McDonald's
606 4TH Avenue SE
Red Bay, AL 35 582


Redmont Branch
1107 Fourth ST NW
Red Bay, AL 35 582
(256) 356-8724


Community Spirit Bank
14009 HWY 43
Russellville, AL 35 653
(256) 332-5315


Community Spirit Bank
7141 Hwy. 19
Vina, AL 35 593
(256) 356-6947


Community Spirit Bank
342 Second Street
Belmont, MS 38 827
(662) 454-0001