Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

Identity theft is growing at an alarming pace, be sure to protect yourself from hackers!

Random PIN's and strong passwords are your first line of defense. Don't choose PIN numbers that have obvious personal meaning, and avoid sequences that make specific patterns on the keypad. For online banking make sure your password is strong, complex and unique to the site. 

Safe browsing is becoming much harder with the increasing availability of free Wi-Fi. Although convenient, unsecure Wi-Fi makes it easier for bad guys to gain access to your cash. When you're on unprotected Wi-Fi network, avoid making money transfers or even checking your account balances. Make sure your computer has the latest malware and virus protection too.

Be careful when sharing personal information. Many people who thought they knew better have fallen for it. Never give personal information, such as account information and social security numbers over the phone to someone claiming to be from your bank. If anyone initiates the call or asks for payment or personal information, don't do it. Politely tell the caller you want to verify their claim before you make a payment. 

Don't forget to review your credit-report to ensure everything is as it should be.

Keep these simple things in mind and stay alert when accessing or giving out personal information!

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Branch Locations

Red Bay:

Community Spirit Bank
200 4th Avenue SW
Red Bay, AL 35 582
(256) 356-4445

ATM Location:

Inside McDonald's
606 4TH Avenue SE
Red Bay, AL 35 582


Redmont Branch
1107 Fourth ST NW
Red Bay, AL 35 582
(256) 356-8724


Community Spirit Bank
14009 HWY 43
Russellville, AL 35 653
(256) 332-5315


Community Spirit Bank
7141 Hwy. 19
Vina, AL 35 593
(256) 356-6947


Community Spirit Bank
342 Second Street
Belmont, MS 38 827
(662) 454-0001