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Protect Your Account with the Shazam Bolt$ App

Introducing SHAZAM BOLT$!

The mobile app that helps protect you from fraud and allows you to track your accounts! When suspicious card activity occurs, nobody is better equipped to handle the case than you. After all, you know what you’ve purchased, and you can spot an illegitimate purchase instantly. Transaction control allows you to temporarily block and unblock your card as needed.

With the SHAZAM BOLT$ app, you can automatically receive email alerts 24/7 whenever a debit card purchase is made where your card is not present, such as telephone or Internet orders. You’re also notified when potentially fraudulent activity occurs, including purchases for large amounts or transactions in foreign countries. You’ll know right away whether the purchases are valid… so you can call immediately and put a stop to any fraud! 


Contact one of our bank representatives for additional information, details, restrictions or enrollment assistance. Third party fees may apply based on your wireless coverage. 

Register with SecureCode

Using your debit card for an online purchase that requires a securecode? Here's how to register:

Visit Shazam Card Services at The next time you visit a Securecode merchant you'll be ready!


Help with Your Debit Card

Possible fraud or losing our debit card is something no one wants to think about. Worse yet, what if it's after hours? Don't worry you can report issues with your debit card 24/7! If you suspect fraudulent activity or happen to lose your debit card and need immediate help call anytime. 

If you have a lost/stolen card or suspect fraudulent activity please call:


Don't forget to follow up with the bank as soon as possible. We're ready to help get everything back on track! 1-855-385-4445 (256-356-4445)


Make Your Debit Card Picture Perfect with myPic Studio

Create a personalized debit card that’s picture perfect for you!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then carrying a debit card featuring your favorite picture may be priceless! Whether it is a photo of family, a four-legged friend, or a favorite vacation spot, with a myPic debit card it will be uniquely yours! Simply choose your favorite photo or select an image from the gallery to upload to create your custom card; all from the convenience and comfort of your home!

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Red Bay:

Community Spirit Bank
200 4th Avenue SW
Red Bay, AL 35 582
(256) 356-4445

ATM Location:

Inside McDonald's
606 4TH Avenue SE
Red Bay, AL 35 582


Redmont Branch
1107 Fourth ST NW
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Community Spirit Bank
14009 HWY 43
Russellville, AL 35 653
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Community Spirit Bank
7141 Hwy. 19
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(256) 356-6947


Community Spirit Bank
342 Second Street
Belmont, MS 38 827
(662) 454-0001