Money Smart


How do you think about money? Do you manage it wisely? Savings? Investments? Are you Money$mart?

The Community Spirit Bank Financial Scholars Program, Money$mart, is our commitment to increase financial education in our surrounding communities! Partnering with the award winning EverFi Financial Literacy Program, we are providing 9 area schools with online financial education courses. These courses teach valuable skills that encourage financially responsible futures for our students.

From paying rent, to buying a car, or learning about credit scores and the stock market… we want to help our youth learn to be Money$mart!

Since 2013 we have reached over 2,800 students, completing over 21,328 financial education learning modules. That's around 15,500 learning hours!

2017/2018 School Roster:

Red Bay High School, Russellville High School, Tharptown High School, Vina High School, Belgreen High School, Phil Campbell High School, East Franklin Jr. High (AL)

Belmont High School, Tremont High School, Emmanuel Christian School (MS)


"EverFi opened the students minds to the financial responsibility that is required to be successful."

- Teacher (12 years teaching, 2 years using EverFi, Alabama)

"EverFi teaches and explains things in depth. I like that you can work and learn at your own pace. I can apply what I've learned by using this knowledge in the future, when the time comes to buy my own home, my own car, and pay for bills when I'm an adult."

-Student, Thaprtown High School

"In my twenty years of teaching, I have never had a more useful tool in my classroom than EverFi lessons."

- Teacher (20 years teaching, 5 years using EverFi, Alabama)

"I liked how EverFi helps us learn more about how to handle our money. Now I will know what to do when it comes time to open an account and save for college. I know there are different ways to save now."

-Student, Russellville High School


*For questions or information regarding Money$mart please contact

Emily Mays, Marketing Director at Community Spirit Bank

200 4th Ave SW

Red Bay, AL 35582



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