Our Mission

Community Spirit Bank isn’t just a name, it’s a reflection of how we feel. Our name expresses our care and concern for the residents of our area.

It has taken generations of hard work and integrity to build our area into the strong community that it is today; it's the same kind of commitment that has built and sustained Community Spirit Bank for over a century. Generations of our banking family have helped generations of yours build homes, buy homes, purchase vehicles, start businesses, save for retirement, look after your children and grandchildren.....just like we're doing in our own lives, even today.

Our key to our continued success is that we're a "first-name basis" kind of bank. We want to know you and you know us. We want to meet your children, your grandchildren, and to introduce you to ours. We believe in long-term, trustworthy relationships. We are the kind of bank that can celebrate your victories and help you through your struggles. In short ....we're local people helping local people realize dreams.

There are plenty of banking options available to you, but only Community Spirit Bank remains committed to you and your individual, unique banking needs. We understand your values and determination that have formed the heart of this community, and we've adopted these same values and determination as the bedrock of our bank.

At Community Spirit Bank, we're proud of the legacy we've built over the past century....but we're even more excited to help you build yours.

Community Spirit Bank Mission Statement-

Our mission as a community financial institution is to develop and serve our communities, customers and employees with a caring attitude offering stability, integrity and fairness. We will be consistent with our policies, perform in a professional manner and be a progressive bank that offers the best personal service to our communities, customers, and employees, through honesty, unity, and mutually profitable service. Our purpose is to assist in adapting to the changing environment through the delivery of superior innovative services that yield mutually profitable growth.

Community Spirit Bank Vision Statement-

Community Spirit Bank is a positive team that works with integrity serving each customer with knowledge, pride, cooperation, and respect. We strive to be innovative, adapting to change while efficiently maintaining the best interest of our customers, thereby exemplifying our “community spirit” every day. 

Branch Locations

Red Bay:

Community Spirit Bank
200 4th Avenue SW
Red Bay, AL 35 582
(256) 356-4445

ATM Location:

Inside McDonald's
606 4TH Avenue SE
Red Bay, AL 35 582


Redmont Branch
1107 Fourth ST NW
Red Bay, AL 35 582
(256) 356-8724


Community Spirit Bank
14009 HWY 43
Russellville, AL 35 653
(256) 332-5315


Community Spirit Bank
7141 Hwy. 19
Vina, AL 35 593
(256) 356-6947


Community Spirit Bank
342 Second Street
Belmont, MS 38 827
(662) 454-0001