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Love Where You Bank!

Love Where You Bank!

What are you looking for in a checking account? How about one that rewards you for banking with us? Swipe your debit card, have a direct deposit, receive an e-statement… these simple things can earn you big rewards! Give us a call today and let’s talk about Kasasa Reward Checking and bank happy! More details: 1.855.385.4445 or scroll on over to Personal Banking and take a look at all our checking account options.

Start the New Year Off Right!

Learn more about Kasasa Reward Checking

Winter is finally here… Let’s think warm thoughts!  Like easy Rewards! Have you opened your Kasasa Reward Checking Account yet? Give us a call or come by today for more details 1.855.385.4445. You can also visit Personal Checking to read more. #AskForKasasa and Earn Rewards! 


Kasasa Reward Checking- Simple Things Can Mean Big Rewards

Kasasa Checking

Kasasa is a new way to bank and put the HAPPY into your checking account! Do simple things like swipe your debit card, have a direct deposit, receive an E-statement and you can earn BIG rewards like cash back or interest on your balance… We’d love to tell you more! Give us a call or come by today to learn how you can Kasasa with Team CSB.

1.855.385.4445 or Check out more details under Personal Checking.

Kasasa Reward Checking

Kasasa Checking

We're ready for you to love your checking account! Give us a call or come by today and see if one of our new Kasasa checking account options is right for you! Do simple things, earn BIG rewards!

Come Kasasa with Team CSB.

Kasasa Checking Options

Kasasa Checking

Here it is… Time for the SUPER exciting announcement!!!  Community Spirit Bank is now offering #Kasasa checking accounts!  What is Kasasa? It’s a  new way to bank with real rewards for doing SUPER simple things! Give us a call today to find out more 1-855-385-4445 or check out the details under Personal Banking - Checking.

#DoYouKasasa We Do!


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